New Roma Bakery


Donut lovers take note—New Roma Bakery is still a must-stop shop for real brick-oven fresh baked donuts and other baked goods. I recently moved to midtown and was pleased to find that this long-time Sacramento classic is just around the corner from my apartment. I’ll be honest, at first I was thrilled and then grew very concerned—there’s no way my waistline will survive this.

New Roma

During my first trip, I chose a classic chocolate donut with slivered almonds on top—a combination I couldn’t resist. Now, I’ve had my share of donuts from various spots in Sacramento, and up until now, I thought I’d tried the best of the best. What makes New Roma’s version so different for me is the homemade quality that you just can’t imitate. I immediately noticed how dense and rich the donut bread was, whereas other donuts I’ve had are much more porous and the bread is almost airy. After my first bite, I knew this donut was something above the rest. Having first opened its doors in 1934, it’s clear New Roma Bakery is doing something right!

1800 E Street
Sacramento, California 95811

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