Rubio’s New Sustainable Shrimp Tacos


If you know me, you know I love shrimp. Grilled, pan fried, deep fried, coconut battered – you name it, I love it. So it should come as no surprise that when the SacFoodies were offered the chance to try Rubio’s new sustainable shrimp offerings, I jumped on the opportunity.

IMG_1742 While I’ve always been a fan of Rubio’s shrimp tacos, I recently made a lifestyle change that prohibits me from eating non-sustainable meat. As you can imagine, this modification eliminated many of my favorite quick lunch/dinner stops. However, I was thoroughly impressed upon walking into Rubio’s and learning that the brand is diligently working to expand its menu with innovative recipes, ranging from sustainable shrimp tacos to Atlantic salmon burritos, sustainable tilapia items and much more.


They say old habits die hard and my Rubio’s order is no exception: “Two shrimp tacos, please!” I hadn’t had one of these in at least a year – would they be everything I remembered? Would the shrimp be smaller? Would the Hass avocados be as buttery as they once were? At last, my tacos were served. To my delight, they weren’t everything I remembered – they were so much better. Toasted cheese (why doesn’t every place toast their cheese?!) topped with crisp bacon pieces, red tomatillo salsa, creamy chipotle sauce, cilantro and onions – I felt weak in the knees. The shrimp was grilled to perfection and I couldn’t believe what a flavor compliment the crumbled bacon was. After devouring my two tacos and “no-fried” pinto beans, I sat with a full belly and mixed feelings. The bliss was over, but I’ll be back. After all, there is an entire sustainable shrimp burrito to be had.IMG_1740

Rubio’s Tacos
2820 Marconi Ave
Sacramento, CA
(916) 483-6643

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