The Flavors of Levi’s Stadium


I’ll be the first to admit I am not into football. I know nothing about the sport and instantly fall asleep when Sunday games are switched on (I do love my Sunday naps). So when I was recently asked to attend a game at the new Levi’s Stadium, I only said “yes” based on the fact that the stadium serves great food and that Wi-Fi and wine are available on the Amtrak ride to the game. With those two promises, I couldn’t say no.

So on an unseasonably hot October morning, I donned my favorite blue sundress (completely team-neutral) and boarded the train to Santa Clara. Naturally, I headed straight to the dining car to get my bubbly. This would be the start of a delicious day.

Let’s fast forward through a relaxing train ride to arriving at the stadium. My first impression was that it was shiny and new, but the crowds were the usual rowdy bunch to be expected at any football game. Not really engaged in the whole sports side of this experience, I made a beeline for the food.

Unlike what you might imagine, the stadium does not feature foods that are necessarily regional to the area. In fact, besides the depictions of the Golden Gate Bridge and wharf on some signage, the stadium creates that sort of “I could be anywhere in the U.S.” feeling you get inside an airport.

However, the food is of high quality and they take special care to source local products from area farms and producers. I thoroughly enjoyed the first bite of the day, a Mexican torta with marinated steak. The meat was seasoned well and the sandwich had a great balance of flavors- acid, spice, salt- offset with a generous dollop of tangy crema. It was a perfect complement to my cold beer.

My next course was the Steamed Buns sampler featuring duck, shitake mushroom and pork varieties. All three had unique sauces and toppings, surrounded by a fluffy, chewy bun. These are a nice departure from usually heavy football fare, and, for a more comprehensive food and drink experience, they offer Kirin Beer at this station so you can enjoy a tailored pairing!

My last course was a nice cold scoop of rocky road ice cream. No words necessary for this guy other than it was a refreshing finish to a hot day in the Silicon Valley.

Who won the game that day, you ask? Of course I can’t remember, but what I can recall are the tasty treats I enjoyed that afternoon. They were so great, in fact, that I might even return one day to enjoy another taste of Levi’s Stadium.

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