It’s a Macaron Renaissance


Can’t afford to take your Valentine to Paris this year, huh?  Why not create a little Parisian romance with a bite-sized French cookie that’s all the rage – the French macaron.  Not familiar with these sweet little confections? From simple ingredients like confectioners’ sugar, almond flour and egg whites emerges a dainty dessert that will impress your Valentine. These are definitely a step above a ho-hum box of chocolates!


You can make your own macarons, and there are a number of easy-to-follow recipes, but it’s the technique that makes the cookies light and chewy and the filling flavorful and lush. This Martha Stewart video does a nice job of breaking down the steps to create an authentic macaron experience.

However, if you’re more of a “pick it up at the bakery” kind of person, you’re in luck. Estelle’s Patisserie in downtown at 9th and K has delicious macarons (the pistachio one is unbelievable), as does Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates at 18th and L (the salty caramel one sounds amazing – hint, hint). Even Trader Joe’s carries macarons in the frozen section, and if you’re on a budget this Valentine’s Day, these are perfect – $4.99 for 12 chocolate and vanilla macarons (and, yes, they are good!).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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