A SacFoodies Guide to Seattle


Sip and nibble your way through Seattle with our guide to the city’s best. You may have to roll yourself back to your hotel room at the end of the day, but trust us, it’s worth it.

First things first, head to Pike Place Market. Jump for joy when you finally see that big ‘ol beauty in the distance. Foodie fun is at your fingertips, after all! pike place market jump

Take awe in all of the fresh produce, seafood and flowers the market has to offer and never turn down a free sample.pike place market produce

Head outside to check out more artisan offerings and pick up some gifts (for yourself, of course), like Sweet Caroline’s Jams in Raspberry Black Pepper Chardonnay.sweet carolines jams

By this time, the smell of Piroshky Piroshky Bakery will be all up in your nose and you’ll beg your significant other to wait in a fifteen minute line with you for a taste of buttery goodness. The Smoked Salmon Pate is out of this world!piroshky piroshky salmon pate

Head up the block a few steps, and what do you know, it’s time for your lunch reservation at The Pink Door.the pink door sign

Sit on the beautiful rooftop patio, take in the view, and order the bruschetta with fresh peas, lemon ricotta and prosciutto. So. Freaking. Good.pink door bruschetta

Now that you’ve taken in some of the stunning views of Seattle, you’ll crave more. Locals will direct you to Kerry Park. And it’s for good reason.kerry park view

You’ve already taken the car out, so why not head to Woodinville to explore Washington’s wine country. Three blocks into the journey, you’ll stumble upon Top Pot Doughnuts. Should you stop? Yes. Order a maple old fashioned with some cold brewed coffee. 

top pots doughnuts

Alright, now you’ve made it to Woodinville! Columbia Winery (one of our clients), Washington’s first premium winery, is first on your list. Sit by the fire and sample their delicious food-friendly wines. The Chardonnay and Viognier are a must!

columbia winery property

columbia winery fire

Your significant other will at last realize that he does like wine so you can coerce him across the street to Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Take in the gorgeous landscape and treat yourself to a $10 tasting.

chateau st michelle

At this point, the hunger will be kicking back in again. It’s time to head back to Seattle and cap off the day at Serious Pie. Since you really want to go out with a bang, order an entire pizza for yourself. The buffalo mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil pizza is incredible, and if they offer a special with duck bacon, you must order it.

serious pie

Congratulations, you just conquered Seattle in a day! Drop the mic.

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  • Susan Groves | Apr 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm

    Brittany, You make traveling so much fun & your food descriptions & images are making me salivate. Thanks for a terrific post, how I’d love to go ‘foodie-ing’ w/ you & your BF!