Earth Day Eats


In honor of Earth Day, here are a few of the SacFoodies’ favorite earth-friendly eats:

Megan Foster: When it comes to beef, grass fed is all I eat. My favorite brand is SunFed Beef (particularly because my fiancé raises the cattle!). I like that SunFed beef is grass fed, locally raised on California ranches and sustainable. I feel good knowing that the animals are born and raised in wide open spaces, handled with care and consume only the wild grasses nature intended them to forage on. It’s available locally, too!


Maria Kniestedt: I love supporting certified farmers’ markets. My favorite is the one on Sutter Street in Historic Folsom. Not only do I get fresh local produce, I love seeing what’s in season and getting to know the people who produce the food I feed my family. It’s one of the ways we can support and preserve California’s family farms.Farmers Market

When we posed the question to friends and family, no one was shy about sharing their favorite ways to support eco-friendly food. Here were a few more suggestions:

  • Farm Fresh to You offers home and office delivery of organic produce in various sizes for surprisingly affordable prices.
  • Many grocery stores offer sustainable products, such as Wild Planet’s Wild Albacore Tuna.Tuna

Tell us, how do you support Earth Day, every day?


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