National Chocolate with Almonds Day


By Vanessa Sapino 

I’ve discovered a new treat: bark THINS. It was a secret obsession, until now. And, as if I needed a reason to eat the best sweet and salty combination ever, it seems like today is the perfect day to share this obsession with you all, in honor of National Chocolate with Almonds Day (who knew we had a day for that, but seems there’s a day to celebrate everything). I’ve been a bark THINS Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt purist, until I tried the bark THINS Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut with Almonds combination this past weekend. It’s a toss-up now on which one is my favorite. Either way, you must try these. And, hint, they go great with a glass of red wine. I’ve brought them camping and they can even be added to a graham cracker and marshmallow combo, to add a new twist to an old snacking favorite, if you know what I mean. Good times and even better snacking.

Bark Thins

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  • Elen | Jul 10, 2015 at 8:40 am

    My secret obsession for years has been toasted coconut. Now you tell me it comes dipped in dark chocolate with almonds? I think I just teared up a little…