Spoonful of Chutney—Go South!

By: Shreya Suresh

Fun fact: Most popular Indian foods in the U.S. are North Indian specialties. Naan, paneer, and chicken tikka masala all originate in the North. South Indian cuisine is vastly different—it’s almost like eating food from a different country. Breads (like naan) are a staple of the North, while South Indians survive primarily on rice and are mercilessly ridiculed for it. South Indian food is also spicier and offers an overall larger variety of vegetarian options.

Now I don’t want you to feel like you did in algebra class—mildly interested but wondering if this would take you somewhere. I want you to experience the actual difference between the two cuisines by going to one of the most amazing South Indian restaurants in the area. Mylapore, a restaurant located in Folsom, offers a large variety of great South Indian food. I recommend you try the Paper Masala Dosa—it’s crisp, served with potato masala and eaten with their fresh chutney. It’s a great introduction to the cuisine, although I may be a little biased in this opinion—I’m kind of a dosa snob.   

While you can enjoy dosa at any time in the day, it’s usually a breakfast or snack food. Think of it as the savory equivalent of pancakes or crepes. And if I scared you off by telling you that South Indian food tends to be spicier, don’t worry—you can always request a milder version.

So here’s wishing you a delicious trip to Folsom!

masala dosa

Photo by Saras

1760 Prairie City Road, #160
Folsom, CA 95630

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