Jingle Bells and Holiday Bites


Kim concert picThis is me at my Kindergarten Christmas concert. As you can tell, I’m a bit of a ham. I’ve always loved the Christmas show at my elementary school and this year may be the most special because it’s my first as a Kindergarten parent. In just a week, I’ll be front-and-center as my son starts his own Christmas concert tradition and I’m just hoping I’ll keep it together long enough to not make a blubbering fool of myself. No one wants to hear my sniffles over a rousing rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

But what also excites me about this experience is what comes afterward – the Holiday Cultural Feast. One of things I love about living in West Sacramento is its cultural diversity and my son’s class is no exception. They’ve asked the parents to bring bite-sized portions of holiday dishes that best represent our child’s culture and I’m looking forward to seeing the melting pot of foods from around the world that the kids will share and try. Personally, I’m a bit conflicted on what to bring. My son is about half German, so we could whip up Pferffernϋsse cookies, but I think the teacher would be none too happy with my choice of a very messy cookie. I could channel his quarter Portuguese side, but I’ve found that some of the Portuguese cuisine I enjoy is not exactly kid-friendly. That leaves his other fourth which is a mish-mash of English, Italian and Choctaw Indian. So many choices, and I’m looking forward to getting creative. But where do I start?

That’s where you come in! I would love your ideas on what would make a delicious and kid-friendly treat to share that’s a nod to our German/Portuguese/Italian/English/Choctaw heritage. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll be sure to post a pic on the SacFoodies Facebook page as to what we shared.

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