10 Things You Don’t Know About …


photo 1Jenna Buhagiar

1.) I’m currently eating for two. My husband and I are expecting our second child (it’s a boy!) in April, 2016. Our almost-two-year-old daughter is still deciding what she thinks about that.

2.) I’m a state-wide California girl. I was born in San Diego, began elementary school in Boulder Creek (a small town in the Santa Cruz Mountains) and grew up just outside of Sacramento in Rocklin.

3.) I have Aggie Pride and a fondness for Davis. I didn’t travel far from home for college, getting a degree in Communication from the University of California, Davis, and I love to visit my former stomping grounds. In fact, some of my favorite restaurants are in Davis – check out my post on C.R.E.A.M. (a must try for any ice cream and cookie lover!).

4.) Fried Chicken. Enough said? My friends know that I will order any form of fried chicken almost every time I see it on a menu. Fried chicken and waffles, fried chicken sandwich, fried chicken fingers … get in my belly.

5.) I’m a cat lady. But if you follow me on Instagram, you already knew that. My two cats – Blue and Neela – were my first babies.

6.) I love to cook (and I love to eat). My dad is an amazing cook and definitely passed on his love of cooking (and eating) to me. Growing up, my dad always cooked from scratch and I seriously didn’t know that baked goods could be made out of a box until I was in high school.

7.) I have a love/hate relationship with eggs. I love eggs in things – quiche, frittata, baked goods, fried rice, egg salad, you name it. But I just can’t get myself to join the “egg on top” bandwagon. I’m not a fan of a runny, scrambled or fried egg. And please don’t ever try to make me eat an omelet.

8.) Reppin’ for West Sac. Sometimes it feels like I rarely leave my West Sac bubble, but with our own Nugget Market and Target, why would I need to leave? Our budding craft brewery scene isn’t helping, either.

9.) Wine and beer are my friends. I always feel at home in a great winery or brewery. A daunting wine or beer list at a restaurant doesn’t scare me. Bring it on! I love to experiment and am always enjoying old favorites and trying new things (although not for the past nine months, but I’ll be back at it again soon!).

10.) When all else fails, make pizza. So simple, but sometimes the best meals start with fresh pizza dough. It’s my favorite blank-slate for home cooking.

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