Food Delivery Apps Bring Sac’s Best Food Right to Your Door

by Harrison Reilly

Technology has changed the way we go about our daily lives, making simple tasks as easy as pressing a button. One of those tasks is ordering food. Tech startups have made it easier than ever to get fresh and prepared food delivered straight to your door through apps, websites and around the clock employees. Here are a few of the food delivery options you can use right here in Sacramento:


The first food delivery app to launch in Sacramento, Postmates delivers food from many of the most popular places in Sacramento, usually in under an hour. The app will deliver food from chains such as Chipotle or Panda Express or local restaurants like Petra or The Coconut On T. Similar to Uber and Lyft, users can rate and tip their “Postmate” after receiving their order. Getting lunch at work or a late night snack has never been easier.



An alternative to Postmates is Caviar. Caviar prides itself on delivering food from local restaurants, offering only what they consider the best restaurants, saying on their App Store page “we have standard pizza and noodle fare, but it’s the best pizza and noodles around.”

With more exotic options to choose from, Caviar is a great way to explore the diverse food selections in Sacramento. It’s not just for meals either, on Caviar you can order cookies from Goodie Tuchews or salami and cheese from Block Butcher Bar. For the Sacramento food lover, this app does wonders.


Amazon Prime Now

For those of you who don’t like grocery shopping, Amazon Prime Now is a dream come true. Available to Amazon Prime members, Amazon Prime Now offers select cities one-hour deliveries for $7.99 and two-hour deliveries for free. Now you can have produce, dairy and snacks delivered straight to your door in the time it takes to watch four episodes of The Office. But Prime Now delivers more than just food; you can also order electronics, toys and household items. Amazon continues to change how we shop for everyday things.


Beers In Sacramento

While not a delivery service, Beers In Sacramento is a useful app for the craft beer lovers in the city. The app provides a convenient pocket guide for the breweries and bars in the greater Sacramento area. It includes a map of breweries, an updating list of beer events, a tip calculator and offers special deals such as credit for Lyft.


With companies constantly innovating, it will be interesting to see what food apps will be developed even a year from now. For now though, there is plenty to choose from for the Sacramento foodie. So tonight, sit back, relax and let the best of Sacramento’s dining scene be delivered right to your door!

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