Carmazzi Caramel Corn is A-maize-ing!

by Cheyenne Cameron-Pruitt

Last week we had the chance to try Sacramento’s own Carmazzi Caramel Corn. Charles Schulz once said, “Love is sharing your popcorn.” I think if he had tried Carmazzi Caramel Corn, he may not have wanted to share! This caramel corn is so delicious I almost want to keep it a secret!

Carmazzi Caramel Corn was created out of necessity and mother’s love, as all the best things are! Karen Carmazzi wanted to make sure that her daughter, who suffers from nut and soy allergies, would not be left out when it came to treat time. With a recipe for caramel corn that had been passed down from generation to generation and the drive to make a change, Carmazzi Carmel corn was born.

The Carmazzi family whips up their creation in their own home kitchen, which is completely nut free, on a daily basis using only the best ingredients. Carmazzi Caramel Corn is not only nut free but gluten free, soy free and high fructose corn syrup free as well. It is also made with non-GMO popcorn.  Basically, this is a delicious snack for people who have certain dietary restrictions or who are just very conscious about how they snack.

I am a big fan of caramel corn, kind of hard not to be, right? So, of course, I was excited to try this and I was in no way disappointed! Carmazzi Caramel Corn is delicious, it is the perfect amount of buttery, sweet and crunchy. We had quite a few bags to share around the office, and they were gone in a flash. This caramel corn is some of the best I have had, you can taste the quality and care that goes into each batch.

I was left wondering how to get my hands on some more, which thankfully is not all that hard! Carmazzi Caramel Corn is sold online and at many retailers around the Sacramento area. Pop on over to their website or Facebook Page for a location near you and news (I hear they may have a vegan recipe in the works!).

I recommend you try some now so that when this is big, you can be a snack hipster and say “I tried it first.” I know that’s my plan!


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  • Craig Hanisch | Apr 7, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Yummy that looks and sounds so amazing