Curry Paradise

“Curry Para-, Para-, Paradise” – Coldplay, probably

For this week’s #saucyspot, the SacFoodies decided to check out Curry Paradise, a West Sac diamond-in-the-rough that boasts stellar Yelp ratings and delicious dishes. Due to a busy work week and a shortage of long lunch hours, we ended up ordering delivery to our downtown office.

The owner sent us his personal recommendations over email prior to our order and even put us in direct contact with the chef, Dino! It was clear that both the owner and chef were incredibly hands-on with their food and customer service.

We ordered butter chicken, jira masti (spicy shrimp), samosas and naan. It was delivered to our office within the hour, and we wasted no time in breaking out the forks! Straight up, the food was awesome. It was spicy. It was delicate. The portions were generous. Most of all, it was full of complex flavors and textures that made it a real treat to eat.

Laurel: I ordered the jira masti and absolutely loved it! I am a big fan of spicy food but often have to proceed with caution at Indian restaurants – sometimes I get in way too over my head and end up with a burning mouth and bruised ego. Thankfully, this shrimp dish hit the spicy sweet spot; not too hot, but definitely hit you with a building heat as you went on, which I really enjoyed. The sauce was rich without being heavy and was a nice addition to the shrimp. It was so good I ended up saving the leftover sauce in the office fridge to add to my lunch the next day! (P.S. – I didn’t get a picture of my shrimp because I ate it too fast. The struggles of food blogging are real.)

Cheyenne: I fancy myself an Indian cuisine connoisseur. I certainly have my favorite dishes and I usually stick with them before venturing off into un-tasted territories. Samosas are a must-have anytime I’m trying a new Indian restaurant, and Curry Paradise did not disappoint! They were perfectly crisp on the outside while leaving the inside warm and delicious. I think that was my favorite part of the meal, I almost had to call them back and ask for sa-more-sas! I also tried the butter chicken and you butter believe it was delicious! Butter chicken is generally a milder dish, but this had a nice little kick that complimented the dish so well and allowed every flavor to shine through. It paired so well with the basmati rice and naan, and most importantly, it wasn’t too heavy to leave me napping at my desk. I thoroughly enjoyed Curry Paradise, seriously, naan-thing but good things to say!

If you’re on the hunt for a flavorful #saucyspot, than this is your jam. Aren’t close to West Sac? They also just opened a second location in Roseville, so you’re in luck. This National Sauce Month is shaping up to be naan-tastic!

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