Slice of Sauce

“When the moon in the sky is a Bella Familia pizza pie, that’s amore.”

This week in Sauce News, the SacFoodies decided to keep it #saucy with Sac’s new food truck on the scene, Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza. Bella Familia has a wood-fired pizza oven inside of their truck and invited the SacFoodies out to give it a try! We stopped by when they were parked at Track 7 Natomas – if you couldn’t guess it, beer and pizza are one of our favorite combos.

This truck is one of the few who happens to be gastronomically and aesthetically pleasing. Instead of the usual food truck structure, it has floor to ceiling windows along one side, allowing the customer to get an inside look at the wood-fired oven and the cooking process. We were surprised at how beautiful the truck was, and how fun it was to watch everything going on!

It was really hard to decide what we wanted to eat because all of the options sounded delicious! Since we knew we would be having a beer, Bella Familia recommended the “Marco.” We were truly grateful for that recommendation because it was absolutely delicious! The pizza was loaded with house-made roasted garlic ricotta, mozzarella, sausage and roasted red pepper. We’re not sure if it was the hands-on chef, the premium ingredients, or the wood fired oven, but this pizza was out-of-this-world good. One might even say it was “pizza pie in the sky” good.

You could taste the garlic in the ricotta, and the sausage had the perfect amount of spice. Pro-tip: If there are multiple people eating, order more than one pizza. Since the crust and ingredients are light and the pizza is on the smaller side, it’s easy to finish one by yourself. Since we were looking for a lighter meal, one was perfect for the two of us! Overall, our experience was amazing, and we definitely recommend checking out Bella Familia.

It’s a pretty great night when, at an industrial park in Natomas, you can enjoy Grade-A craft beer and wood-fired pizza. Nothing makes the SacFoodies happier than watching local restaurants and breweries thrive! The Bella Familia Wood-Fired Pizza Truck is a welcome addition to the Sac food scene and we’re happy to have them on our home turf. Ciao for now!

You can track down Bella Familia through their “Find Us” feature here!


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