We 100% love 85°C Café

By: Jessica Gunn

Last week the SacFoodies crew was invited to try out 85°C, a Taiwanese-style bakery specializing in delectable and affordable pastries and cakes. 85°C, nicknamed “The Starbucks of Taiwan,” has 1,000 locations all over the world and boasts a cult-like following. When we arrived, the line was out the door for the grand opening of their first Sacramento location at 5591 Sky Pkwy. Thanks to General Manager, Stacey, the SacFoodies were invited inside for delicious food and refreshing iced tea.

We tried a range of items, from Taiwanese-style cheese bread to Japanese coffee bread filled with red bean and mochi. After bringing our goodies back to the office, the entire SacFoodies crew dug in for a mid-afternoon snack. We then conducted a comprehensive taste test (meaning each of us tried everything at least 3 times). How else could we pick a favorite? After all was said eaten and done, we had some clear winners.

  • Japanese-style Squid Ink with Corn, Chicken, and Cheese

This pastry was unlike anything we had seen before! The flavorless squid ink made the round bread a dark black color. The corn and chicken rested in the middle of the bread, and all was topped with melted cheese and breadcrumbs. Everyone that tried this treat loved it. We’ll definitely be back for more of this unique bread.

  • Taiwanese Cheese Dog

When we first saw this item, we immediately thought “pig in a blanket!” In reality, this was 100 times more flavorful than the traditional party snack. It was made up of doughy bread wrapped around a hot dog, ketchup and mayo included, all covered in cheese and topped with a sprinkling of parsley. Just looking at this one made me hungry! 10/10 would recommend for an indulgent afternoon snack.

  • Japanese Brioche

When researching what 85°C is known for, the bread that was all the rage was the brioche. So naturally, after walking in the door, we made a beeline towards the case of brioche. We saw a worker carrying over a tray of fresh-out-of-the-oven bread and had to hold ourselves back from taking one right off of the tray! The brioche was light and sweet, while still filling. In my dream world I would eat 85°C brioche for three meals a day and gain zero weight, but unfortunately that’s impossible, so I’m limiting myself to once a week. There is a reason this bread is so highly recommended.

We washed all of this down with the most amazing King Grapefruit Green Tea. The 85°C staff squeezes an entire fresh grapefruit into a glass of refreshing lightly sweetened iced green tea. This beverage is a must sip.

Step out of your bakery comfort zone and give 85°C a try. With hundreds of pastries on the menu, you are guaranteed to try something you love. Need some inspiration? See a full list of everything we sampled below.

Taiwanese Style

  • Cheese bread
  • Cheese dog
  • Ham & cheese

Japanese Style

  • Coffee bread
  • Brioche
  • Squid ink corn chicken


  • Chocolate croissant


  • Egg tart

European Style

  • Honey bread


  • Mountain Green tea
  • Iced king grapefruit green tea

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