Tower Bridge Dinner Menu Preview

It’s that time of year again, when we all get a little green with envy at the thought of the ever exclusive Tower Bridge Dinner. This year, the envy is at an all-time high because the one and only Jeremiah Towers is hosting! I know, hold the applause. Traditionally, each chef chosen from the community brings one dish to the table that is specially created, cooked and plated. But this year, the Tower Bridge Dinner is celebrating community and the dinner will be a totally collaborative effort by all chefs, for a menu that is as cohesive as it is inspired. Oh, you’re gluten-free and dairy-free, you say? No worries, the chefs have made sure this dinner is inclusive for all.

Although we didn’t make the guest list, we were lucky enough to partake in the next best thing, the menu preview event! Five courses of beautiful, local, inspired and above all, delicious food. P.s. for more photos head to our Instagram.

So let’s start with the bread. Delicious, flavorful, sesame encrusted bread. Called Epi Bread, this really should have been called EpiC bread because let me tell you, that’s what it was. Served with olive oil and cultured butter, because, of course.



Course 1: Roasted fresh local veggies. Oh boy, why doesn’t every meal start with an overflowing bounty of summer squash, cherry tomatoes, roasted eggplant and blistered peppers? I think we should all, as a society decide to start all meals this way from now on. Especially when it comes with a side of sesame seed gremolata.


Course 2: Sturgeon. This dish was my favorite dish we sampled. Smoked sturgeon with sturgeon skin chicharon, a lightly pickled lemon cucumber salad, and of course, caviar. The deep flavor of the fish paired amazingly with the briny caviar and rich Russian dressing. Spy that pink sauce in the background? Remoulade. Fantastic.


Course 3: Duck. Confit leg of duck and roasted breast was served with cardamom and black pepper roasted figs, mahgoney and black rice, and charred grapes in late harvest zinfandel. Chef Brad Checci described this dish as duck served with everything a duck would eat. I’m sold.
Course 4: Lamb. Braised shoulder of lamb with roasted cipollini onions, tomato confit, heirloom been gratin and salsa verde. I will admit, I’m not the biggest fan of lamb, but this dish might have converted me. The lamb was so tender and flavorful, and the roasted onions were the perfect counterpart.

Course 5: Cheese. Ricottage cheese with preserved peaches and lemon verbena, chicories and baked pears, preserved Meyer lemon vinaigrette, and tomato oil crackers. The Chef’s inspiration for this dish is the man himself, Jeremiah Towers. Jeremiah ate canned peaches and cottage cheese when he was a kid, so the chefs of the Tower Bridge dinner stepped it up a notch with a local ricotta and cottage cheese blend paired with preserved summer peaches. The best part, the cheese maker from Orland Farmstead Creamery will be on the bridge serving this iconic dessert.

And now for the main event…the chefs!

Chef Ed Roehr of Magpie

Chef Brad Cecchi from Canon

Chef Ravin Patel from Selland Family Restaurants

Chef Kathi Riley-Smith, instructor and chef at the American River College













Overall, the 2018 Tower Bridge Dinner will be nothing less than spectacular. This year, proceeds from the sold out dinner will benefit the Sacramento Farm-To-Fork-Festival and will provide scholarships for five children of migrant farmworkers.

So if you’re one of the lucky few who gets to attend this year, know that SacFoodies is jealous, and please send pictures 🙂

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