SacFoodies Tries: il Fustino Oils & Vinegars

By Georgia Fox

Hi there Foodies,

We’re back with an exciting new taste test video! 

We were lucky enough to try a variety of oils and vinegars, courtesy of our friends at il Fustino Oils & Vinegars. We were blown away by the complex flavors and amazing pairings that we got to try, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Foodies, we were shook to our very cores by how delicious these all are, and we don’t want you to miss a single tasty note about these products. Read on for a breakdown of our favorite California-grown and produced oils & vinegars in order of appearance:

Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tasting notes: Fresh green apples, green tea, and a peppery finish. Add this to a fresh green salad or your next pesto sauce for a well-balanced flavor you know and love.

25 Star Aged Balsamic

Tasting notes: Heaven-sent. This rich, sweet, thick Balsamic pairs with salads, meats, vegetables, you name it, it’s amazing.

Lemon Olive Oil

Tasting notes: All the flavor of a freshly-squeezed lemon with mild olive flavor. This citrusy oil can add zesty excitement to any salad or dessert.

Jalapeño Olive Oil

Tasting notes: This hot – but not too hot – oil mixes the heat of a crushed jalapeño with the milder notes of California Mission olives. Add this to your corn bread recipe or mac n cheese for the extra kick your dish was missing.

Garlic Olive Oil

Tasting notes: Fresh, light, and full of garlic! This Italy-in-a-bottle olive oil will pair perfectly with any pasta dish or salad dressing.

Pomegranate Vinegar

Tasting notes: Sweet, tangy, and antioxidant rich. Use it as a glaze for a fish or chicken dish for an exciting pop of flavor.

Mimosa Vinegar

Tasting notes: Sparkling, bright, and fruity. With all the sparkling taste of champagne, this Mimosa Blood Orange Vinegar will lighten up any recipe.


The results are in: we can’t get enough of il Fustino Oils & Vinegars!

Want to try it for yourself? Visit their website, spend the day in their tasting rooms if you’re passing through Santa Barbara, or ship it off internationally!

Thanks again to il Fustino for providing us with these tasty products, and Foodies, let us know what we should try next!

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