Raley’s 33rd Annual Food For Families Holiday Drive

Hey there, Fall Foodies!

It’s that time of year again – the days have turned colder, shorter, and pumpkin spicier.

As the crisp autumn air ushers in the glorious start to sweater season, it also finds us haunting the aisles of our local Raley’s (full disclosure: Raley’s is a client of ours) as we prep for the upcoming holidays. While we’re there, feverishly redesigning classic dishes to fit the dietary needs of our second cousins and thrice-removed aunts, we noticed something that we all can be thankful for this holiday season: Raley’s 33rd Annual Food For Families Holiday Drive.

Running from November 1st through December 31st, Raley’s hopes to raise 4.2 million meals to help support local food banks throughout Northern California and Nevada. Through their network of 12 county-level food bank partners, this campaign will benefit over 1.4 million food insecure people within the Raley’s footprint.

The huge scope of this giving campaign isn’t the only part that’s impressive: since Raley’s covers all administrative costs for the non-profit, 100% of proceeds go directly to food bank partners and those in need. Plus, all donations stay local to aid the communities in which they were made. Whether you’re at Raley’s staking claim on the perfect turkey or gathering ingredients for Grandma’s famous stuffing, every dollar you donate at check-out helps nourish your neighbors in need.

What an easy, affordable way to share the holiday love this season, Foodies.


To find out more, visit, or donate online:





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