Our Favorite Hometown Coffee Shops!

By: Brittney Nourian

Photo Credit: Identity Coffees

I don’t mean to knock on chain coffee shops or anything – I LOVE a good salted cold foam cold brew, but there is just something about a hometown coffee shop that draws me in.. In college, I was so loyal to my favorite coffee shop that I sat in my graduation ceremony holding a cup of their sugar-free spiced dirty chai with oat milk in one hand, my diploma in the other. There are so many things that make small, local coffee shops special. The people that are always coming and going, that are vastly different but somehow all so familiar. The pride of being loyal to a favorite drink that only that one coffee shop does right – you all have that specific drink in mind right now, I would bet on it. The surge of productivity that only a local coffee shop’s atmosphere can provide. And it’s also the joy you get from being able to support a local business. Hometown coffee shops just feel so personal and intimate. If you’ve been wanting to test out a few new coffee shops in your area but don’t know where to start, here’s a list of some local places in the Sacramento area and a few drink ideas to get you started! All of these shops are taking orders for curbside to-go. 

Pachamama Coffee (Midtown, East Sacramento, Davis)

Drink recommendations: Honey Bear Cold Brew; Matcha Latte; Rooibos Tea

Tiferet Coffee House (Downtown, East Sacramento)

Drink recommendations: Vanilla Lavender Latte; Caramel Macchiato; Chai

The Trade Collab (Midtown)

Drink recommendations: Shakerato; London Fog Latte; Nola

The Mill Sacramento (Midtown, East Sacramento)

Drink recommendations: Golden Milk; Gibraltar; Wildwood Flower Latte

Temple Coffee Roasters (Downtown, Midtown, Arden-Arcade, Davis, East Sacramento)

Drink recommendations: Mexican Mocha; Nitro Cascara Tea; Hazelnut Latte

Identity Coffees (Midtown, West Sacramento)

Drink recommendations: Hibiscus Berry Tea; Cortado; Cocoa Rouge Mocha

Milka Coffee (Mansion Flats)

Drink recommendations: Mint Matcha; Apple Hill Latte; Sparkling Milka

Goodside Coffee (Mansion Flats)

Drink recommendations: Nitro Cold Brew; Raspberry Vanilla Oat Milk Mocha; Dirty Chai

Old Soul (Downtown, Midtown, North Oak Park)

Drink recommendations: Vanilla Spiced Turmeric Latte; Matcha Hot Chocolate; Drip Coffee with Caramel

Philz Coffee (Midtown)

Drink recommendations: Mint Mojito; Ecstatic; New Manhattan

Naked Coffee (Midtown, Downtown)

Drink recommendations: Thai Coffee; Hammerhead; Keith Richards

Camellia Coffee Roasters (Downtown)

Drink recommendations: Horchata Cold Brew; Cortado; Sparkling Omija Berry Tea

Insight Coffee (Downtown)

Drink recommendations: Gibraltar; Spiced Mocha; Chai Latte

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