Cheyenne Cameron-Pruitt

Favorite Food: Have you ever noticed that anything you eat during a lazy weekend brunch tastes 100x better than any other time? While brunch may not technically be a food, everything that comes with it tops my list of favorites. chicken & waffles, a delicious scramble, avocado toast, breakfast burritos and more, throw in the mimosas and I’m there! I’m a brunch enthusiast through and through.

Favorite Local Restaurant: All of my faves depend on the quality of their brunch (see above 😉). I’ve tried so many places but I keep coming back to Cafeteria 15L. I love the outdoor patio; their mimosas are always mixed perfectly and the tater tot scrambles are seriously hard to beat. It has been my go-to spot for years and I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Earliest Food Related Memory: It’s a tradition in my family that Thanksgiving is a two-day holiday, we do the classic meal on Thanksgiving Day, but the day after we cook a huge pot of seafood gumbo. I remember looking forward to helping add the seafood while sneaking a couple of crab legs away for myself.

Best Dining Experience: I don’t think anything will beat sitting down to a meal with my family gathered around a small TV in the little Grenada fishing town of Gouyave. As we ate fish that was just caught and cooked over an open flame and mangos picked straight from the tree, we watched Grenada win its first- ever gold medal in the summer Olympics. It was such a simple meal, but the excitement in the air made it something I would replicate over and over if I could.