Shea GuntherMaher

Favorite local restaurant: For those special occasions or an impulsive dinner out, my first choice is always Mikuni. In all my hunting for sushi restaurants, I have never tasted sushi as delicious, fish as fresh, or sauces as magnificent as those at Mikuni! My go-to order is salmon sashimi alongside a mouth-watering mafia roll. Even if you’re a sushi newb, Mikuni is a great place to start. And for those sushi veterans there are endless sushi creations to try! But if you go, you have to promise to take me with you!

Favorite family recipe: There are humble people out there that refrain from bragging about family recipes, but I’m not one of them. I will tell you, out right, that my dad’s Fried Rice recipe is out-of-this-world delicious. In his wok-of-heaven there is sticky rice, scrambled egg, grilled onion and bacon. Yes, bacon. Now, tell me that you don’t want that right now?

Favorite food: As someone who is limited to a gluten-free diet, my favorite food is also one that I can no longer eat – donuts! Give me the old fashioned, chocolate covered donut…actually, give me three…and I am a happy (albeit bloated) camper! Please note: If you know where to find gluten-free donuts in Sacramento, help a sister out!

Favorite dining experience of all time: My favorite dining experiences have been determined not just by the caliber of the eats, but also by the caliber of the people at the table. That said, my favorite dining experience of all time was at my aunt’s house in France, where I was reunited with family I hadn’t seen in seven years. We feasted on charcuterie, potatoes, cheese, and copious amounts of wine as we laughed, teased and reveled in the beauty of community.

What’s your foodie confession? I have a tendency to hide my favorite foods somewhere in the fridge or pantry to avoid sharing, especially when it comes to candy and desserts. I’ll go to the grave before I tell you where I hide my peach rings and white chocolates.

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