Jenna Buhagiar

Favorite food: I don’t discriminate against any food, but the foods I simply can’t live without are sushi rolls piled high and with lots of sauce, espresso (in any form), Mocha Frappe’s from the coffee bar at The Nugget and Thai iced tea, but not all at the same time, of course. My favorite condiment is definitely sour cream, which I put on pretty much everything. I do realize it is weird to mix sour cream with jelly and put on waffles, but it’s so good!

Favorite local restaurants: Sitting outdoors at Slocum House is my favorite formal dining. When my husband and I lived in Davis, we used to make a stop at Thai Bistro, El Mariachi Taqueria, or Woodstock’s pretty much every week. Now we call West Sac home and enjoy our closer proximity to Midtown faves like Magpie Cafe (they catered our wedding!), Burgers & Brew (a reminder of living in Davis) and Thai Basil.

Earliest food-related memory from childhood: Baking candy cane shaped prune rolls on Christmas morning with Grandma. We still bake them every year.

Most impressive dish you’ve whipped up using only ingredients on hand: One night in college, my roommate and I were having a craving for churros and of course, Costco was closed (Costco churros are soo good!). We headed into the kitchen and realized that we had everything to make churros right in our pantry. Who knew? We whipped some up that were muy delicioso! Now that I know I can make churros at any time, it’s very dangerous.

Favorite family recipe: My dad’s marinated grilled skirt steak fajitas. Mmmmm.

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