Rachel Perez, MS, RD

Rachel Perez, MS, RD

Favorite Food: Fresh pineapple. I can eat the whole fruit in one sitting, even at the risk of canker sores.

Favorite Restaurants: I've recently returned to California after a few years in Boston. So I'll share my top five Boston favorites.

  • Flour Bakery – legendary sticky buns and lots of coffee dates!
  • Orinoco – Venezuelan pulled pork and fried plantains
  • Henrietta's Kitchen – seasonal menus with New England charm
  • Crema Café – sweet potato sandwiches and chewy gingersnap cookies
  • Hei La Moon – dim sum hot spot on the outskirts of Chinatown

Favorite dining experience: Summer picnics on the beach with my family. Through the years our menu remains the same: freshly rolled sushi or one box of steamed meat buns, greasy chow mein, sesame peanut candy and chilled cans of Aloha-Maid strawberry-guava juice.

What's your foodie confession? I have finally mastered the art of pineapple cutting. Armed with a chef knife, cutting board and two plastic bags, I can expertly peel, chop, core and slice that sticky fruit in under five minutes. Time me!

Earliest food-related memory from childhood: Here's one from elementary school. At one of my first sleepovers, my best friend and I concocted the idea to wake up “super early” and surprise her family with an elaborate French toast breakfast. Despite our noble intentions, we didn't wake up until late morning. My friend and I still executed our plan, however during the cooking process we made some unintentional recipe alterations and somehow managed to scorch her mom's best skillet. It was almost lunch by the time we served breakfast, but we were so proud of those slightly salty and rather burned pieces of French toast!

Favorite family recipe: No one else can duplicate my Grandma Bea's Guam-style red rice or homemade pumpkin pie!

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