Shelly Kessen

Favorite food: Oh, so many choices…my response would be different each day! But, I do have a special place in my heart for all things dairy. Growing up on a dairy farm, I am particularly fond of ice cream – anytime, anywhere, any variety.

Favorite local restaurants (formal dining, ethnic, neighborhood bistro): Having moved to the Sacramento area a little less than two years ago, exploring and trying new restaurants and local cuisine has been such fun. Of course, with a young son, we have darkened the door of Johnny Rocket’s on more than one occasion. In addition to standard burger and fries fare, we have also uncovered some truly delicious food finds. We love the Mexican food at Paco’s on Main Street in Woodland and there has been more than one memorable Saturday afternoon at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen in Davis…kudos to the brilliant soul who created Tod Mun. For just all-around great food with charming atmosphere, the prize goes to the quaint Putah Creek Café in beautiful downtown Winters. And, for ice cream – did I mention I like ice cream? – a little delta diner called Shelby’s has soft-serve so good, it nearly makes me weep.

Favorite dining experience of all time: Anytime when I’ve been surrounded by family, good friends, good conversation and good food. In this way, I’ve been blessed to have my favorite dining experience again and again and again.

Earliest food-related memory from childhood: My mom and I were making a homemade pizza dough, and in the middle of the process, I excitedly decided to show her the sticker that I got at school that day. I proudly lifted my hand to show off the sticker, and of course, it was no longer on my doughy, little paws. She was laughing so hard as we dug through the dough to find the sticker…upon retrieving it, our pizza was downsized just a bit!

Favorite family recipe: Our family’s signature dishes are from my grandmothers and an uncle. Between them, they make mean batches of chicken noodles, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and of course…homemade ice cream.

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