Brandon Smith

Favorite Food: I’ll eat anything smoked, barbequed or cooked in a pit and the slower the process the better! Most of the meals I cook at home involve the barbeque in some way or another but what I really love is good barbeque from those who know how to do it right. I’m also a huge fan of fresh fish, poke and sushi so you can often find me at places like Lou’s Sushi and Fish Face.

Best Food Memory: My dad owns a local sandwich spot in town and I grew up working and spending time there. One year, we received an order for 2,000 sandwiches! My dad, not being one to turn down business, enlisted my help to get the job done. We got to the store at midnight, threw on our aprons and some music and got started. It took us a while to find a rhythm, and I think we lost count a few times but after working through the night, we had made 2,000 sandwiches in about 10 hours. It was experience I’ll never forget and hopefully never relive.

Favorite family recipe: My family has a recipe for eggs benedict that we’ve been making for a long time. We usually break it out on Father’s Day, Christmas morning and one or two random Sunday’s throughout the year. The hollandaise is what sets it apart. I’ve had good eggs benedict at many restaurants, but I haven’t found a recipe that beats ours yet. The Grilled Cheese Benedict at Bacon & Butter put up a good fight though.

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