Tracy Tierney

Favorite food: It’s amazing how few cavities I have given my intense sweet tooth. Cupcakes top my list of favorite dessert foods (especially all of the unique, tasty options at Icing on the Cupcake). I also love carrots any which way – raw, steamed, alone or in salads or stir fry. They’re one of those all-rounders for me that I eat when I’m famished or in a “hungry but not sure to what snack on” kind of mood. Another food I’m craving pretty much daily is pho, particularly with gobs of veggies and tofu in it.

Favorite local restaurants: Living in the suburbs of Sacramento is sometimes a chain-restaurant nightmare, but there are a few local gems that I love: Venita Rhea’s in Rocklin has a massive and quite delectable breakfast menu. You really can’t go wrong there. Bravo! Pastaria in Roseville has some of the best lasagna (not to mention a super friendly staff and affordable menu). Nothing can really top Roseville’s Crush 29 though – just thinking about their lavender-scented salmon, margherita pizza and extensive wine list is making my mouth water!

Earliest food-related memory from childhood: I used to watch my grandma whip together banana bread without measuring any of the ingredients because she makes it so often. There is never a loaf she makes that doesn’t come out perfect.

Most impressive dish you’ve whipped up using only ingredients on hand: Sadly, my sister inherited the only Martha Stewart genes in our family, so I’m just happy when I create something that’s edible. I felt quite proud of myself when I whipped together some whole wheat pasta, olive oil and parmesan cheese one night after neglecting the grocery store for too long. A simple and unoriginal recipe, yes, but it got the job done!

Favorite dining experience of all time: I may love food, but I also love watching my pocketbook. During a summer study abroad stay in London one of my favorite dining experiences was a daily trip to Tesco (England’s equivalent to a 7-11). My friends and I would always get éclairs that came in a two-pack for only 75 pence (roughly $0.83 at the time). Those sweet morsels – as well as the good company – were bloody brilliant!

Favorite family recipe: I grew up eating tuna and noodle casserole on a regular basis, so whenever I fix that now, it brings me right back to those hearty dinners with my family. Despite the recipe’s simplicity, mine never quite matches my mom’s or sister’s.

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