Jessi Gunn

Favorite Food: Doesn’t matter if it’s homemade, from a dive-bar or from a bistro, give me a BLT with avocado on sourdough any day. Don’t forget the side of fries!

Favorite Local Restaurant: How can I even choose? Midtown has so many delicious options. Federalist for pizza, SacYard for beers and food truck bites, Revolution Wines for a killer chicken sandwich, and Centro Cocina for tacos and margaritas!

Favorite dining experience of all time: Any time I’m with my friends and family, with some delicious food and some fantastic wine. I love meals where someone brings a salad, someone brings the wine and we can all hang out in the kitchen together while the food cooks.

Earliest food-related memory from childhood: My family moved to California from England when I was 5 years old, so my brother and I never had our extended family close by. Thankfully I grew up with a very close-knit group of family friends! The parents were all close and their daughters are still my best friends to this day, even our dogs are buddies. From ages 6 to 18, all 5 families went in on a ski lease in Lake Tahoe together. We’d pack up the car on Thursday night, go to school on Friday morning, and as soon as the final bell rung, we’d hop on I-80 bound for Truckee. Then that night, all 24 of us (14 of them being kiddos ages 3-9) would make a huge pot of pasta with garlic bread to carbo-load before a full day of skiing the next morning. There’s an iconic photo of us all on one of those nights, where all the kids are lined up next to the counter, holding plates and dressed in pajamas, patiently waiting to be served dinner by the parent who drew the short straw that evening, while the rest of the parents were enjoying a glass of pinot noir in the background. We still have dinners like that today, 18 years later! Except this time, we all enjoy that glass of wine.