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Beervana: Achieved

A wise person once said, “Beervana isn’t a place. It’s a state of mind, a sense of pure bliss and knowledge. It also happens to be held on the 5th St. Bridge.” We here at SacFoodies had a great time getting to know more about local breweries and brewers in the month leading up to Sac […]

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Sacramento Beer Week 2017 – The Brains Behind the Beer

By: Laurel Harrison  Join SacFoodies this week on “The Road to Beervana” (a.k.a. Capitol Beer Fest) with a peek into the brains behind the beer that we love so much! Have you ever wondered what your local brewer sings in the car? Who their #1 beer pal would be? What beer of theirs you absolutely have to […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Ruhstaller


Specializing in farm to hops right here in Northern California, Ruhstaller is a delicious treat. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Luckily, you can try some for yourself on tap and on shelves at many locations in the Sacramento region, click here to see the full list!

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