New Pizza Joint Gallops into Midtown


Have you ever been on a cleanse? You know, the kind where you have to give up tasty things like bread and alcohol? Well I did one of those for the last two weeks and felt very proud of myself for not cheating or complaining too much. So naturally, as soon as the cleanse ended, I felt the need to celebrate with a meal of gluten and an adult beverage. And, what better way to make a deprived belly happy than with some pizza and a glass of wine?


Lately I’ve been hearing buzz about Trick Pony Pizza, the new wood-fired pizza restaurant that has taken over the former home of Tuli Bistro on 21st and S Streets, so I decided to go check it out.

They just opened within the last two weeks, and are still in the process of getting some menu items in stock, which makes for an initial menu that is small but mighty. My dining companion and I were particularly hungry (see “cleanse” above), so decided to get two pizzas, (the Margherita and the Chef’s Special) a Caesar Salad, and a carafe of Barbera to share. Trick Pony prides itself on sourcing ingredients from local purveyors and growers, such as the local tomatoes used in the sauce and local Barbera from Amador County’s Andis Wines and the quality shows.

Here are my thoughts on the food:

  • Caesar Salad – The housemade dressing was really flavorful and the salad was not overdressed. I really enjoyed the parmesan crisp atop the salad and wished for another when it was gone.  A solid dish.
  • Margherita Pizza and Chef’s Special Pizza with Arugula Salad and Meat Sauce – Trick Pony makes their dough in-house and it’s easy to tell. It has a little bit of a sour bite, reminiscent of sourdough that makes it stand out among other pizzas available in Sacramento. Both pizzas had flavorful sauce and featured fresh mozzarella, which made the pizza super fresh and light. Trick Pony’s wood oven imparts a charred quality that nicely offsets the sour dough giving the pies some depth.

If you’re looking for a unique pizza experience in midtown, saddle on up and ride over to Trick Pony.

Trick Pony

2031 S Street

Sacramento, CA

(916) 706-1025

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