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This week, SacFoodies will be featuring restaurants and cafes in Old Sacramento—so be sure to visit SacFoodies everyday this week for reviews of great places to eat in Old Sac!

When SacFoodies decided to do an Old Sac themed week, I used it as an excuse to schedule a date with my dear friend and fellow social media maven, Natalie (or for you Sacramento tweeps @NatalieDaily).  After a few text messages back and forth, we settled on Rio City Café.  Upon arrival, and after checking in on Foursquare, we studied the menu for options that would meet our vegetarian and vegan diets.   Just after our server said the chef could do a meat-free transformation of my pre-vegetarian favorite – the turkey sandwich with brie cheese, bacon, cranberry aioli on twelve grain bread, he offered to create a custom seasonal vegetable dish – sold!  To my delight, it contained a combination of butternut squash, broccoli, green beans and a medley of mushrooms surrounding a small cup filled with a tasty dipping sauce.   I also couldn’t resist a side order of rosemary fries.  I was pleasantly surprised with flavors of my simple, made-to-order meal but may have even more impressed with the aim-to-please service.  Thanks Rio City!

A few thoughts from guest blogger Natalie Paulsen:
It was hard enough to believe Julie and I were available for lunch at the same time on the same day. The only thing more shocking was my announcement upon arrival at the restaurant. I was doing a little lifestyle experiment – and I was vegan for the next 21 days (if you know me – you can laugh now). At first glance, there was nothing strictly vegetarian (let alone vegan) on the menu. Worst case scenario, I figured I would work on a Pellegrino and ice chips while Julie ate her lunch. Instead, Julie helped me dissect the menu and spoke up when our server came back for our order. He spoke with the chef (about his high maintenance table) and came back with a few options for us. I ended up with an incredible salad and a basket of sweet potato fries that were perfectly salted and lightly fried (in oil of course). Kudos to one of Old Sacramento’s staples for being flexible and accommodating in the face of adversity. Needless to say, this experiment is only going to last a few more weeks. By that time, Julie should be fully recovered from that experience – and we’re going to have a mac & cheese feast.

Note: SacFoodies also loves the cocktails at Rio City Café—so be sure to enjoy one of their yummy cocktails, too!

Rio City Café
1110 Front Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 442-8226

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