Farm Fresh To You Partners with Design My Meals to Customize Meal Plans



For many, the kitchen can be an intimidating place, especially when you have a pile of fresh ingredients and no great recipes to create that perfect dish. With countless techniques and styles to prepare a meal, which direction should you take? Do you boil the cabbage or steam the Broccoli? Should you grill the Asparagus? What about the Kale? Lucky for you there is light at the end of the tunnel. California’s produce delivery service Farm Fresh To You has partnered with online meal planner Design My Meals to help solve these problems and serve culinary inspiration straight to your door step and directly to your computer!

The process is simple: All Farm Fresh To You customers can sign up online for Design My Meals at a discounted price. Once you sign up, the two companies place all of the ingredients in your produce box and automatically upload them into a personalized online pantry.

Based on the ingredients, Design My Meals inspires your culinary creativity by suggesting a variety of nutritious, flavorful recipes that make the best value of your produce box. The recipes from Design My Meals originate from a network of participating chefs and bloggers, so at-home-chefs can select their favorite recipes and create a meal planning calendar that automatically generates a shopping list for any other ingredients. In addition, the meal planning calendar can be modified to dietary needs ensuring the most nutritious recipes to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. The result is more efficiency in the kitchen, less wasted food and more healthy meals.

For more information on this delicious program, visit www.FarmFreshToYou.com and www.DesignMyMeals.com

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