Bidwell Street Bistro


Bidwell Street Bistro is my version of a country club.  It’s a special place where I enjoy going to dinner but it’s more than just a restaurant. It feels comfortable yet fancy, festive and fun.  We usually see someone we know – and if not – the staff feels like friends because we see them so often.  I love the Caesar salad, appetizers and desserts.  There is always a new entree to try and everything is delicious. I like to order mashed potatoes so that I can eat some there and bring home a doggy bag for the next day. 

Diane’s recent birthday dinner; executive chef Wendi Mentink, center.

They have a new lounge attached and the live music is great.  I love the wine tastings during the middle of the week.  One night we tasted three different vodkas; too bad we were out of town for the bourbon tasting!  It would be fun to bring my dad to an evening like that.  The owner is very gracious and Wendi, the head chef, is my youngest daughter’s mentor. Wendi provided her with the opportunity to do a senior project there and she went on to culinary school. Wish I could eat there once a week!

Amy and Diane, photographed with server Ryan Statham.


Chardonnay Tasting at Bidwell Street Bistro
Tuesday, Sept. 11, 5-8:30 p.m.
$12 per person
1004 East Bidwell St.
Folsom, CA  95630
(916) 984-7500

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