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brittany-byline.jpg Brittany‘s thoughts on Kru:

If you’re an avid SacFoodies visitor then it should be no surprise that when it comes to sushi, the majority of this office seems to have what some might call a clinical dependency. As we continue to explore all that Sacramento has to offer in the way of raw fish and rice, one newfound favorite is certainly Kru.

Located at 2516 J Street, Kru is contemporary Japanese cuisine with friendly staff, an enticing ambiance and yummy sushi to boot! Last week, a few of us headed to Kru for lunch and feasted on teriyaki chicken and beef, the Philadelphia roll, the Spicy Liz and (not one, but two) Ziggy rolls!


Insider’s tip: While the Ziggy roll is far and beyond my personal recommendation, it is no longer on the menu. But do not fear, they will be more than happy to make it upon request!

jenna-byline.jpg Jenna’s thoughts on Kru:

Similar to the fun of ordering “animal-style” at In-N-Out Burger, it is always appealing to order something that’s not on the menu – enter, Ziggy roll. If you ever have a hankering for sushi that tastes like meat, this is the roll for you! I’m honestly not quite sure what makes up this meaty roll, but it is HUGE and de-licious! I would liken it to a “sloppy joe” of sushi. No really, it’s good!

After our enormous lunch at Kru, I fell victim to the dreaded tryptophan of the sushi-world – what I refer to as a “sushi-coma.” So lunch-goers beware – especially if you need to be productive in the afternoon.

steven-frith.jpg Steve’s thoughts on Kru:

There is always that one person in a group that goes to sushi who just isn’t a raw-fish aficionado, and in our trip to Kru, that was me. That did not detract from the experience, however, because there is almost always chicken teriyaki at a sushi place. Apparently they know people like me (or 12 year old kids) still come in.


So on cue, I ordered the smothered goodness and was not disappointed. The grilled strips of chicken with teriyaki sauce drizzled on top was very satisfying after a hard half day at work. But what might be my favorite part of most Asian food restaurants is the rice. I can eat the stuff as if there is a separate compartment in my stomach.

While the food at Kru was very good, eating lunch with co-workers, not necessarily eating the food, is the best part of a lunch break. As someone who is relatively new, it gives me a chance to get to know my co-workers other than asking for work favors or the occasional American Idol chat (which is a weekly ritual in our office). Just keep that in mind next time a co-worker wants to grab a bite and you pass because you want to finish that one last thing. You may have just passed on the best part of your day.

joey-byline.jpg Joey’s thoughts on Kru:

When it comes to sushi, I am lost sometimes. What do I order? What’s actually inside that little seaweed roll? I usually have no clue. I do know one thing though . . . I LOVE it. Taking a look at the menu at Kru I had no idea where to begin, so I decided to let the others order for me and point me in the right direction. That was a great idea! The Ziggy roll was by far the best sushi I had ever tried. So good, in fact, we got seconds! Can’t wait for next time.

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  • Cynthia Williams | Mar 20, 2008 at 3:52 pm

    In my opinion Kru is the best newer Japanese restaurant in town. My favorites are Scallops and Foie Gras, Panko Crusted Salmon Sashimi, Lobster Tempura, Crispy Baby Calamari and Seven- Spice Crusted Ahi, face it, everything here is delicious! Another good one not on the menu is Better Than Sex. . .ask and they will make it for you.

  • Paul | Jun 29, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Great and creative sushi and other culinary treats. Let the chefs create from their imagination. Their rolls are great . . . hint – sit at the bar, the table service is a little spotty.