BiteClub Benefit


You may remember us blogging about BiteClub– the new social networking site for foodies – a few weeks ago. You may even remember that BiteClub CEO, Sunny Mayugba, is a Sacramento native. But did you know that BiteClub is hosting a networking event on Monday, June 9th to encourage members of the restaurant and bar community to come together? The event will be held at Empire on 15th & R Streets starting at 8 pm. And the best part? All proceeds go to benefit “Suzanne,” a local bartender who is undergoing leg rehabilitation after a fall that left her unable to walk. The event is guest list only, but you can be added to the list by joining BiteClub and connecting with the event’s profile.

If you attend, be sure to check back in and let us SacFoodies know how it was by leaving a comment below.

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