Yank Sing, San Francisco


It was quite the debate. Do we feel like Mediterranean? Let’s go to Kokkari. Wait, what about French? There’s always Plouf at Belden Place. How ritzy are we feeling? Ritzy enough to “lunch” at Tadich Grill?

And then finally we came to a unanimous decision – Yank Sing. Ideal for a business lunch because there’s something for everyone and the service is unbeatably quick, Yank Sing is a “traditional & contemporary dim sum” that won’t let you down.

“Deem Sum” literally means “to touch the heart,” but perhaps the translation should be changed to something more like “to please the tummy,” because that’s exactly what it did. We sampled nearly everything that came by our table. Among our favorites were the Potstickers, Shanghai Dumplings, Pork Sui Mye, Stuffed Mushrooms and Sea Bass.

And if my recommendation alone isn’t enough, here’s one last push to inspire you to visit and see for yourself:

Yank Sing was not only voted into the 2008 “Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants” by the San Francisco Chronicle, the restaurant also reserved a spot on the Zagat 2008 “Bay Area’s Most Popular” restaurants.

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  • Kris | May 28, 2008 at 8:39 am

    Hmmm. I want to go back right now!! The sea bass was my fave. Thanks for making my mouth water, Britt!