La Fiesta Mexicana


When I moved to East Sacramento a few years ago, one of the first neighborhood restaurants we began frequenting was La Fiesta Mexicana at the corner of Elvas Avenue and 65th Street. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you are the family’s long-lost cousin. The reason we’ve made dozens and dozens of visits here is a tribute to both the food and the family. They are always friendly, warm and quick with the service too.


After sitting only a minute, you quickly receive a basket of warm tortilla chips and bowls of salsa and warm bean dip. If you are a fan of bean dip, then you need to try this one. Add in a couple of their Cadillac Margaritas and I’m in heaven. But rarely do I ever stop there. 


There are many dishes to love at La Fiesta Mexicana including the Veggie Quesadilla, Pork Tamale and the Cheese Enchilada/Crispy Chicken Taco combo. On this particular dining occasion, I went with an old stand-by, the Beef Enchilada Ranchera. Each bite is filled with savory, cheesy, beefy goodness. Beans and rice can make or break a Mexican restaurant, and here, they are excellent. Whether I have room or not, I always clean the plate.


My husband could eat breakfast all day long, and at La Fiesta Mexicana, they serve breakfast for dinner as well. His favorite is the Papas Dona Chuy (named after the owner’s mother-in-law, I believe), a delicious egg scramble loaded with potatoes, cheese and chorizo served with hot tortillas. 

Next week I’m moving from East to West Sacramento, and while I will miss how close we were to La Fiesta Mexicana, I can assure you, we’ll be back.

La Fiesta Mexicana
6438 Elvas Ave. (at 65th Street)
(916) 456-5962

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