Do you know a "Real Hero"?


I’m a sucker for a good burger and a good deal, so when I heard about the Applebee’s Realburgers for Real Heroes program, (full disclosure: a client of the FH Kansas City office), I wanted to help spread the word.  I think we probably all know someone who has made a difference in our lives one way or another.  Maybe it’s the neighbor who mows your lawn, the last-minute babysitter who always comes through in a pinch, the friend who drives you to a doctor’s appointment, or maybe something completely different! Applebee’s wants to give those “Real Heroes” the big hearty thank you they deserve, and is asking all of us to nominate those selfless friends for a chance to win some awesome prizes – both for your hero and for yourself! 

Here’s how it works: Visit the Applebee’s Web site to nominate your “Real Hero” by July 5. Applebee’s will then select 10 hero finalists and share their stories on the Web site. Visit the site to vote for your favorite hero between July 15 and July 23 to help determine the Applebee’s National Real Hero. Plus, just by nominating someone, you’ll be entered into a weekly drawing for a $50 Applebee’s gift card.  Not only that, but the Grand Prize Winner will get $5,000 and a year of free Realburgers!


Applebee’s menu offers five Realburgers that I think could match just about anyone’s taste.  I must say that, as an Arizona native, the Cowboy Burger is calling my name. Onion rings, BBQ sauce and bacon…there’s not much more I could ask for in one bite!  Who knows, though, I might just need to try them all! (Above photos courtesy of Flickr users Acmelucky777 and Mooshee85).

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  • Tipsy | Jun 22, 2009 at 4:39 am

    I’m a sucker for a good deal wehter it involves burgers or toasters. But obviously I prefer the food-ralated ones.