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Need a gift?  Send Something Baked!

Among many other characteristics that connect the generations of women in my family (beauty, brains and humor, of course!), there’s one in particular that stands out above all others:  cookie baker extraordinaire.  There seems to be one lucky lady per generation that’s blessed with the baker gene.  I, unfortunately, was not that lady.

My cousin, Ashley, is the one who has perfected the art of cookie baking for us Gen Xers.  Growing up, she was the one standing on a stool in our grandmother’s kitchen helping her mix the dough, while the rest of us were more focused on sneaking bites of the dough and getting the first taste of those warm, gooey cookies.  Flash forward a few short decades, and Ashley’s hobby of kitchen experimenting would transform into a delicious business:  Something Baked.

While spending summers in Alaska, Ashley had the opportunity to put her talents to use working as the cook and baker at a local coffee house.  It was there where she developed a cookie unlike any other.  Six years later, her business  grew to be Something Baked:  Cookies. Baked. Delivered. Everywhere.

The SacFoodies recently received a special delivery of freshly baked cookies from Something Baked.  The packaging alone turned heads in the office when it arrived.  I had little difficulty rounding up tasters as soon as I mentioned that the contents of the signature polka dotted container included a mix of home baked cookies in a variety of four flavors:

•    White Chocolate Chip with Craisins (the favorite)
•    White Chocolate Chip with Apricots
•    Chocolate Chip (the classic)
•    Chocolate Chip with White Chocolate Chips

The consensus?   Delicious, home baked taste in adorable packaging that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.  Made to order for delivery nationwide, Something Baked cookies are perfect for birthdays, holidays, promotions or just an everyday, tasty surprise delivery.  To make for an even sweeter gift, 10 percent of Something Baked sales are donated to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation.  To order your own fresh batch of cookies, email

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  • Sharon Ronstadt | Mar 15, 2011 at 11:38 am

    Best cookies on the planet…yes, you may argue that I am biased (I’m the baker’s aunt)…but they’re still the best cookies on the planet. I have sent them as gifts and they get raves every time.