Attention Foodies: Join us and start #twEATing!


Once upon a time, people really did have to shoot their food before dinner. Killing a wild animal was the only way they were going to get anything on the table.

But today people “shoot” their food to share it. It’s that almost innate need at the table when a divine piece of culinary beauty is before you and you must capture it. Even though not everyone thinks a camera belongs next to the salad fork, we say it deserves its own table setting.

If, like us, you don’t mind the click of a shutter before you reach for the butter, you might as well make it official. According to CNET, 47% of millennials (those born after 1982) and 32% of all people are tweeting their fabulous food photos. That’s why we’re starting to use the hashtag  #twEATing and calling all foodies to celebrate with a photo and a few short  words about what’s good, what’s sweet, what’s new, what’s hot, what’s salty, what’s leftover, and  what’s cooking in general.

Start #twEATing and sharing your awesome food photos. The hashtag #twEATing will now be showing up on our Twitter feed on SacFoodies.com, so keep a look out for yours (by the way, is it any coincidence it’s called a “feed”?). No reason why you can’t use it on Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest as well. For the ultra app-savvy foodie, whip out your smart phone and use it on Instagram and Evernote!

So, pass the word and pass the peas. Let’s get #twEATing!

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