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When colleague John Armato came back from lunch one day boasting about the “world’s greatest sandwich” from The Sandwich Spot, this sandwich connoisseur had to check it out for herself. (One quick digression: I love sandwiches, so much so that I’d be willing to go back to the early 90s and go toe-to-toe in a sandwich throw-down with Joey Tribbiani from “Friends.” Enough said.)

On a recent Friday I ventured out to “the Spot” on the corner of 18th and Q streets, and one thing is for sure, it is a hot spot bustling with lunch activity. I had to get my order to go because every seat, inside and out, was spoken for.

I carefully studied the robust menu – mainly in awe of their creative Sacramento-themed signature sandwich titles – and selected the #2, a.k.a. “Mayor KJ’s Slam Dunk,” the perfect blend of hot turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese and avocado all atop a crunch roll. Even taking a hot sandwich to go didn’t mess with this yummy goodness – no soggy bread to contend with, just good, good stuff.

So, John’s go-to sandwich is a make-your-own turkey. I asked him about his experience overall and here’s what he had to say: “Whenever I go to The Sandwich Spot it is literally the best part of my day. Seriously. This is the world’s greatest sandwich. I’m a turkey/provolone/crunch roll (no mustard, pickles or peppers) kinda guy. The crunch roll should probably be a regulated substance. Addictive. It all makes for a perfect combination of flavors and mouth-feel: Everything’s fresh and tasty and you get crunchy plus soft. You also get plenty. It’s easy to make two meals out of one sandwich. But you won’t. You’ll eat all of it yourself until you’re physically uncomfortable, because that’s just what the world’s greatest sandwich makes you do.”

A great sandwich, no doubt, and Joey would be as pleased as we were. I’m eager to head back in soon to try more off their signature menu.

The Sandwich Spot
1630 18th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811
Phone (916) 492-2613

Click here for more Sacramento and Bay Area locations.

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