Sacramento Food Film Festival Launch


Last Thursday I had the delicious opportunity to attend the launch of the Sacramento Food Film Festival at Goldfield Trading Post, presented by the Food Literacy Center. It was a fun evening of unique bites provided by Jay Veregge of Ten 22, Aimal Formoli of Formoli’s Bistro, Michael Thiemann of Mother, Brian Mizner of Hook and Ladder and Hank Shaw, a James Beard Award-winning author. With such great names collaborating, the food definitely shared center stage with the film. By far, my favorite dish was the spicy cauliflower from Mother, a spicy Asian-inspired creation so full of savory flavors and satisfying texture that I didn’t even miss the meat.

On the film side, the selection of shorts shown throughout the evening was an eclectic and entertaining mix, but the kicker bit of entertainment for me was having each course served by a mini chef in uniform. It was great to see that the Food Literacy Center gave the children they provide services to a role in the event as fledgling foodies themselves, doling out each delicious bite as they balanced a full platter above their stiff white hats.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Sacramento Food Film Festival’s events, running through March 29. Get the full schedule here or check out our March 19 SacFoodies post  with the events roundup.

IMG_2241My favorite bite of the night. Spicy cauliflower from Mother.

FullSizeRender (7)A mouth-watering, sweet berry and wafer concoction I could have eaten a platter of.

FullSizeRender (8)Attendees enjoy film shorts presented at Goldfield Trading Post.

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