Traditional fast food, sort of

by Matthew Mora

Being a vegan, it’s sometimes difficult going out of town and finding a restaurant that has options that fit my diet. Luckily there are places popping up all over that are committed to this alternative way of eating. If you’re near Rohnert Park on the way to the beach and looking for something to eat, go check out Amy’s Drive ThruIMG_0239 copy

Everything at Amy’s is vegetarian or vegan, organic and non-gmo. These qualities are hard to find at most restaurants, especially fast-food, which might give someone piece of mind before gorging. The menu consists of all the things you’ll find at fast-food cafes, such as burgers, fries, and milk shakes. Don’t let the label of vegetarian or vegan force you to abandon the adventure, because everything holds weight with most hamburger joints. Flavor and texture aren’t thrown to the side for something that might seem too healthy to be considered fast-food. Amy’s Drive Thru is yummy, some-what healthy goodness that might change your mind about a veggie burger.

Amy’s Drive Thru
58 Golf Course Drive West
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

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