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The SacFoodies love trying new restaurants, especially on a sunny spring day. When we were invited to lunch at Lazy Dog, we quickly “barked” yes! The foodies (and puppy foodies in training) headed out to Roseville to try the spring menu.

Jessi: To start, I had the Huckleberry Mule! I’m a big fan of mules, especially when they are served in a metal mug (as every good mule should be). This mule contained craft vodka, ginger beer, lemon, soda, and huckleberry puree. I really loved how fruity this drink was without being too sweet. As my first course, I had the slow-cooked lentil soup. This thick and flavorful soup was a great starter! It was delicious during lunch and even more delicious leftover when the evening got a little chillier. For my main course, I had the BBQ Veggie Burger. Now, I am very picky when it comes to veggie burgers, because it’s just so easy for them to be dry and boring. This burger, however, was delicious and moist thanks to the combination of black beans, ancient grains, and beets. Plus, it was topped with roasted garlic, pickles, and fried onion strips which are my all-time favorite burger toppings. I would 100% order again! The spring menu was very well put together and you could tell a lot of thought went into curating this collection. I’ll definitely be back!Cheyenne: I’ve been excited to try Lazy Dog ever since I found out I could bring my pups, not to mention the food looks fresh and fun! The spring menu has many options, which made it hard to choose which delicious dish to try. Nothing says warm weather like enjoying a fresh and fruity cocktail outdoors. I ordered the peaches and moonshine, and I was not disappointed, the fresh flavor of peach and citrus mixed with the kick of moonshine and a hint of mint. It was basically summer in a glass! If I had to give one pro-tip for going to Lazy Dog, go for the weekend brunch! I think there are some really great options that are on the menu exclusively for brunch that you won’t want to miss. I got the bacon and egg mac and cheese and I’m still thinking about it! It was all the delicious parts of breakfast and all the best parts of lunch mixed into one dish, which sums up the meaning of the word brunch. I was already in foodie heaven with the mac and cheese that I almost forgot that I ordered a main dish! If it’s cheesy I’m probably going to get it and those sentiments are multiplied by at least 7x if it’s burratta. With that being said, I ordered the burrata and heirloom tomato crisp. Now, I’m not usually a thin crust type of girl, but I made an exception here for the cheese, obviously. I was so glad I did! The crisp was so fresh and light but most importantly flavorful. 10/10 would recommend!


Brandon: Everything we sampled at Lazy Dog was fantastic! When we arrived and took a look at the menu, I was seriously torn on what to order! I decided to order a little bit of everything and see what the new spring menu was all about. Let’s start with the street corn wheels. This was one of my favorites of the day! How can you go wrong with grilled corn, tajin and queso? Next up was the veggie burger bowl. This dish really surprised me! I’m usually the last person to order a veggie burger, but when our server brought it to the table I was taken back by how fresh and vibrant the dish looked. More importantly, it tasted amazing! It was light and fresh, but felt very substantial when you ate it. This is a great spring lunch option to fill you up without slowing you down. Finally, we have the mother of all brunch items…the steak and eggs benedict. I am an eggs benedict connoisseur. I am always on the hunt for hollandaise. Lazy Dog’s take on the breakfast classic places flat iron steak over sautéed peppers and onions on top of a hash brown for a Potatoes O’Brien-esque flavor. They then top it with perfectly poached eggs and some seriously good hollandaise!



And now a message from our furry friends…

Morphe: I’m so glad to make my blogging debut on SacFoodies! I tried to hide my excitement when I heard we were going to Lazy Dog, but naturally, my tail gave me away. I don’t know a lot about food except that I eat it, so I’m always down to try a dog-friendly eatery. When I trotted in the door, I noticed the menu housed in a massive fire hydrant, so I knew I was welcome here! What a nice touch. I walked on to the patio and made my presence known. I may be small but my voice certainly isn’t. Our waiter brought me a bowl of the finest tap water they had, I usually prefer sparkling but on this warm day, I was pleased with the flat. It was hard to talk to the other doggy diners since they were so far away, but I tried (apparently that breaks the “No Barking” rule). I chose the hamburger and rice from the menu, it was so delectable, I threw my manners out the window and thoroughly enjoyed my meal! I can’t wait to go back I give it four paws up!

Lexi: I had the best day at Lazy Dog with all my friends! Food and my best buddy Morphe!? What a perfect day! I ordered the grilled chicken and rice and washed it down with the freshest water around. I was happily full after my lunch, and had a nice rest in the sun while my friends finished eating. I wish I could have tried some of the food that my human friends ordered! It all smelled so good. I can’t wait to comeback!



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