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New Year, New Food Goals

By Jessi Gunn It’s one month into 2018 and I don’t know about you, but my resolution went out the window weeks ago. I made a resolution to read more, sounds easy, right? Turns out a busy schedule and all my favorite TV shows coming back (I see you, Grey’s Anatomy!) doesn’t make for a […]

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Sac Burger Battle 2017

Burger. Battle. Burger. Battle (Sing this to the tune of “Jaws”). Do you ever have that dream where you’re surrounded by battling burgers? No? Oh well. Either way, a very real and non-dream Burger Battle took place at Sacramento’s Cesar Chavez Park this September, and SacFoodies were on the scene to report back. The most […]

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Summer Cocktail: Moscow Mule

By Stephanie Rudy Comprised of only five ingredients, the Moscow Mule is as simple as it is refreshing. Traditionally served in copper mugs (I bought mine here!), the Mule was originally introduced in 1939 to help promote vodka during an era when gin reigned. The drink faded out in the 1960’s, but is back by […]

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