Jake Ferguson

Favorite food: The possibilities here are endless! If I must select an absolute favorite, then I would have to say Mexican food takes the top spot. Growing up, various Mexican dishes were staples in my household. From burritos and chile verde, to tamales and tostadas – if it involves a tortilla and salsa, I will gladly consume it and of course enjoy an icy margarita or cerveza on the side!

Favorite local restaurant: In Sacramento we are fortunate to have such a robust selection of food options! With that said, it is nearly impossible to nail down ONE favorite. Zocalo certainly earns its spot as one of my faves, as does Bangkok on 12, Paesanos, Firestone Public House and Mikuni. For a craft cocktail, I love the vibe of Pour House and some of the specialty drinks The Grange offers throughout the year! I look forward to continuing to explore the fresh and delicious food scene here in Sac.

Favorite dining experience of all time: That is a tough one, though if pressed, I’d have to say New York held many memorable dining experiences for me, including walking across the Brooklyn Bridge for a gigantic Grimaldi’s pizza and beer – I’m easy to please! Tying it for the top spot would be a visit to the Mediterranean restaurant, Kan Zaman, in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco, in which I dined with friends on hummus and musaka and sipped the best martini I’ve ever had….all while comfortably seated atop giant pillows.

Most impressive dish you’ve whipped up using only the ingredients at hand: Well this is tough, given that I’m still working on developing my culinary magic. Most dishes I’ve created have in fact involved a trip to the store prior. I’d have to say that I can whip up a pretty hearty breakfast and have also been known to create flavorful pasta dishes with the veggies, sauce and spices on hand. I firmly believe in ALWAYS keeping a variety of pastas in your kitchen and a variety of takeout menus for emergencies.

Earliest food memory from childhood: Besides licking the spoon and bowl after brownies or a cake mix, I must say I was blessed to grow up around some superb cooks, and nearly all my childhood memories involve food. My Grandma’s spaghetti sauce is certainly etched into a special place in my food memories from childhood and I still look forward to dinners that consist of her delicious, flavorful and fresh spaghetti!

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